Urpora (Shopian): A young man from Urpora village in south Kashmir’s Shopian district has sold off his land to fund the treatment of his eyes blinded by a shower of pellets fired by the government forces last August. The 27-year youngster Muhammad Altaf Seh says that he was injured on August 21, 2016 during the summer uprising triggered by the killing of Burhan Wani.

“I sold a small piece of land, my only possession, to be able to undergo a series of surgeries in Srinagar and Amritsar in Punjab,” She told Kashmir Reader. “I am in trouble. I have no land now and I can’t work the way I used to,” he said.

He said on the fateful day he was purchasing some stuff from Nagbal market when eight vehicles of the government forces passed by. “Without any provocation, the forces fired a full pellet burst on my face. I fell unconscious and local villagers shifted me to hospital where I came to know that my right eye is blind as two pellets had hit my right eye. Since then I am treating my eye but I am unable to regain the sight,” She said.

Altaf says that despite a series of surgeries on him, he is still nursing 19 pellets in his head and face. “I still have 19 pellets in my head and face. These are bothering me. I am not able to work to earn my livelihood to sustain family,” he said.
Altaf lauds his fellow villagers for coming to his rescue when he needed them the most. “I am thankful to fellow villagers and those from the adjacent hamlets who helped in bad time. I had not a penny when I was injured. They helped me out in the times of crisis,” he said.
“I have so far spent Rs 4 lac on surgeries, medicines and tests but nothing good happened to my eye,” Seh, father of an infant daughter said.

“On every Wednesday I have to visit SMHS Srinagar for treatment which costs me around Rs 2,000. It is difficult to continue this treatment. I is tough to think about sustenance of my family and education prospect of my daughter,” he said.
Seh said that the doctors have advised him not to bother about the pellets embed in his head. He however said that the pellets bother him and he often suffers headache.

By Raashid Hassan