Fair is Christine Fair (Dr Fair?). The reference to ‘tiny nukes’ is from the title of her latest tirade against Pakistan—“Pakistan’s Tiny Nukes”. There is very little doubt that to be so obsessed about a country—as she is with Pakistan—you have to be exceptionally well funded and if you have to dredge the bottom to rake up mud then the funding has to be from another country that hates Pakistan. You do not need an imagination to know which country that could be– not if you follow C. Fairs tail wagging adulation in tweets and Facebook gems about her funders. If ‘tiny nukes’ was to be a disparaging reference to Pakistan’s full spectrum deterrence then all it has done is create the impression that Pakistan has made some kind of breakthrough with miniature nuclear weapons and created a threat for India –a country that is never tired of telling the world how much bigger and richer and stronger she is than her neighbor Pakistan.
The problem is that of late—especially after the advent of Mr Modi—the image of India has received a setback. It is now the epicenter of hard-line Hindu extremism that has shown the world how violent, irrational and intolerant it is. Lynching people for eating beef takes intolerance to new heights and gives violent extremism a whole new meaning. So India and her paid lackeys talking of Pakistan being the epicenter of terrorism and a threat to the world is really a joke. The Hindu extremism danger becomes really sinister when you consider the fact that Mr Modi (of Gujerat carnage fame) has become the Prime Minister on the backs of the RSS—the most virulent of India’s many extremist violent Hindu groups. So C fair needs to note who is threatening whom and who needs to be watched.
In her eagerness to please her masters C Fair completely forgets that India was crowing about its Cold Start doctrine as a miracle that was to teach Pakistan a lesson through a ready mobilized force launching a ‘punitive’ strike’ without warning. This continued till Pakistan responded with its full spectrum deterrence that included a tactical nuclear missile—the NASR. Suddenly Cold Start got cold feet and C Fair and others of her ilk had to be recruited to spew poison on Pakistan, paint it as a villain and confuse the world about the real source of the threat to peace in South Asia and beyond. Completely ignored was the advent of the 170km Prahaar and the 70 km Pragati tactical missiles in the Indian arsenal—both capable of being nuclear armed in spite of claims to the contrary.
Now India down plays the Cold Start fiasco in order to point the finger at Pakistan. India’s Cold Start is 98% operationalized but it now stands mariginalized by Pakistan’s response. To operationalize Cold Start India has redeployed its new strike forces in peace locations that are also their launch pads for aggression against Pakistan. Pakistan had no choice but to redploy its defence to be ready to destroy aggression before it made inroads and Pakistan had to back this up with updated deterrence. India has created the worst possible situation for two nuclear weapon states—deployments that can lead to conflict without warning and then inevitably escalation. For India the problem is that a stalemated attack is really a defeat because of its size and Pakistan is fully capable of bringing about such a situation thereby forcing India to escalate. This line of thought seems to have completely missed C. Fair.
Pakistan’s nuclear program is security driven. Its deterrence is dynamic and constantly updated to remain effective. Pakistan’s only threat and security concern is India and the ranges of its delivery systems testify to that. Contrast this with India’s ambitions and the ranges of its delivery systems and you will get the picture that C Fair has been at pains to obfuscate but has only succeeded in highlighting. Put this in your pipe C Fair instead of the delusional stuff that you are smoking!!.