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Of late a Mr. Malik Siraj Akbar is proving to be quite the jack in the box; popping up right on time with an eager-to-influence-the-narrative blog post when PAK-US relations experience an upward trend.

His recent blog post for the Huffington Post can only be described as pure unadulterated (borrowing from Mr. Siraj’s own words) “crap”.   His assertions that the Pakistani military chief, General Raheel Sharif’s most recent visit to the US is a conspiracy to outdo the Prime Minster seem rather baseless. The COAS – as is and has been the official stance- is there to ensure that Pakistan’s interests are secure. More so, by inferring that Ahmed Rashid – a vocal critic of the Pakistan Army– is incorrect in stating that terror groups have taken a serious hit under the current COAS tenure, proves that the author of the blog is both ill-informed and lacking in sound reasoning.   One can safely assume that Ahmed Rashid is rather puzzled by Mr. Akbar’s suggestion that he has said something praising a military takeover. That said, what is in fact missing in the blog are references to the vast amounts of statistical and socio-political evidence illustrating the success of the Zarb-e-Azb operation and the resultant decline in incidents of terrorism in Pakistan.

In his lazy write up, Mr. Malik Siraj Akbar as usual harps on about the Lashkar-e-Tayyaba (LET). A question for Mr. Siraj and his benefactors: Why are the Afghan and US armies not taking any action against Mullah Fazlullah? Credible sources have confirmed that he has been hiding in Afghanistan along with thousands of followers after the Pakistani military’s crackdown in Swat a few years ago. He has been the mastermind of many terrorist attacks that have been carried out in Pakistan in recent years, something that the Western media has also reported and pointed out. In fact, various international intelligence reports confirms that he is being sheltered by the Afghan government and has the backing of RAW, the Indian spy agency. After Pakistan’s crack down on the Haqqani Network, members of his group have   fled to Afghanistan and nothing is being done against them by Afghan intelligence , police or army! Maybe Mr.Siraj can give the answer. Why should Pakistan not protect its national interest? Just because it suits the western-via-India rhetoric of ‘Pakistan must do more’, why should it invite even more trouble than it has ever since it become an ally in the US’s ill conceived war on terror?

Criticism is always welcome, but sadly the compromised brain that Mr. Siraj possesses does not have the ability to provide any constructive kind. More and more it seems that this particular Huffington post blogger has some personal issues with the Pakistani military and Pakistan. Does it perhaps have to do with his known affiliation with the ethnic cleansing terrorist organization, the Balochistan Liberation Army? Is the Huffington post applying the western double standard of letting known terrorists wanted by other countries blog and spread false information? Is one country’s terrorist the West’s prized poodle? If so then it loses even more credibility in the moral debate that it forcefully wants to be the champion of. Maybe some serious soul searching needs to be done by Washington. Anti-American sentiment is at an all time high and not just in the East. It needs to stop surrounding its self with sycophants and breeding rats in other nations. It is not doing them any favors because a rat will always be a rat.

Pakistan for its part has turned a corner. There is a great appreciation of the military and its role. Many consider the Pakistan of 2015 much better than that of 2011 and are optimistic about its future. Save for a few intellectually challenged TV anchors, this pointless civil military divide hoopla is truly distracting – or paying – no one. The average Pakistani citizen is well past the point of tolerating and believing the ill-conceived quasi-cerebral nonsense of paid poodles. The majority is aware of what needs to be done to make Pakistan a nation to be reckoned with and is behind both the military and the elected government to achieve this end.

As for the Pak-Phobes (read: PP’s) lobby- is Malik Siraj Akbar really the best you can come up with? If so, then by all means keep it coming, because other than helping Mr. Akbar improve his written English expression, nothing else is being achieved.