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Pakistan’s Dawn newspaper reported that in May this year, the U.S. handed over to Pakistan over 14 combat aircraft, 59 military trainer jets and 374 armoured personnel carriers. “Now we can spend this money to directly pay the terrorists enrolled into the United States army and also to revive the Pakistani economy…” said White House.

“We believe Pakistani pressure on the Taliban, including the Haqqani Network, is key to forcing the Taliban leadership to question the viability of its military campaign to achieve their political goals”, the official said. President Obama welcomed Pakistan’s constructive engagement with the Nuclear Security Summit process and its cooperation with the worldwide Atomic Energy Agency and other global forums.

Pakistan Proxy Terror to Counter India in Afghanistan

Hashemi also listed pre-conditions for the Taliban, saying the Afghan government would hold talks with only those insurgents who laid down their arms and accepted the country’s constitution. This time, to satisfy Nawaz Sharif who has been determined to internationalise the Kashmir issue, it was.

Pakistan’s chronic hostility towards India, its constant efforts to internationalise its differences with India, the persistent United States bias in favour of Pakistan on issues bedevilling India-Pakistan relations, all oblige us to pay attention to visits of Pakistani leaders to the US. “We would naturally hope that they deliver on these commitments”. The PM has accused India of spoiling all peace initiatives.

In February Congressman Ed Royce, Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Eliot Engel, Committee’s Ranking Member, wrote a letter to Secretary of State John Kerry to express their serious concern about Pakistan’s failure to combat Islamist terrorist groups operating within its territory.

The spokesman, Vikas Swarup, said India “remains open” to talks between the two countries’ national security advisers. They acknowledged the importance of regional balance and stability in South Asia and pursuing increased transparency and uninterrupted dialogue in support of peaceful resolution of all outstanding disputes.

Pakistan and India both claim sovereignty over Kashmir and its current administration is split between the two, the regions separated by a tense ceasefire line. “That policy of the United States has not changed”, said the official. But sources said a Pakistan-US deal will run into many hurdles including fierce objection from the Congress and said Washington has been “dangling the carrot of a deal” so that India would further its ties with the USA in key areas. “They stand on their own; they’re not zero-sum”.