AREA 14/8

Shiv Sena president, Uddhav Thackrey is expected to break his silence today on the relationship dynamics between his party and the BJP. In wake of the recent display of hostility against Pakistan, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has demanded a ban on the Shiv Sena. India’s Nehruvian dreams seem to be biting dust – this is not to say that India did not have its share of communal violence. However, given the current security conundrum and the fact there has been an entire wave of incidents of communal violence is ominous. The spillover effect of terrorism cannot be ignored –  the region already finds itself deep in a quagmire.

The BJP may have tried to distance itself from the Shiv Sena recently because of this string of events that has tarnished India’s social fabric, raised issue pertaining to law and order and stability and tarnished India’s international repute. Welcoming Malala to India now seems to be too little too late to gain back lost stature even though it makes sense given Malala’s international image as an activist who stood up to the Taliban and a strong proponent of human rights.

What is happening in India at the moment should motivate the international community to pressurize India to take notice of its communal issue which could easily spiral out of hand on the back of inaction and complacency. It is home to various ethnicities and religions, it cannot afford to remain unmoved in the face of such dangerous developments – outrage cannot continue to be selective.