Days after raising Kashmir issue in the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA), Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif invited Hurriyat hawk Syed Ali Shah Geelani to visit his country and blamed New Delhi for “spoiling Pakistan’s desire for peace.”

“Your (Geelani’s) character and your actions are guiding principles for the coming generations of Kashmir. I am inviting you to Pakistan so that I too can gain something from your views on the present situation. Hope that you will spare time to visit Pakistan at the earliest,” Sharif said in a letter to Geelani.

Pakistan high commissioner Abdul Basit had invited Geelani to his New Delhi residence where he handed over the letter of Nawaz Sharif to him, a Hurriyat spokesman said.

“We want friendly and cordial relations with all the neighboring countries, including India, but the unrealistic approach of India has always spoiled our desire and it is the major hurdle in our peace efforts with this country,” Sharif said.

Terming the role of Hurriyat Conference as historical, Pakistan prime minister expressed hope that the conglomerate will continue its struggle under the “fearless and honest leadership of Geelani”.

“While promising full support to the Kashmiri nation on political, diplomatic and moral fronts in the letter, Shairf said in clear terms that the granting of right to self determination of the people of Kashmir is the unfinished agenda of the Pakistan formation and ignoring of this agenda can never establish friendly relationship between the two countries,” said the Hurriyat spokesman.

The spokesman noted that the United Nations has accepted the right to self-determination of the Kashmiri people and it is the responsibility of the entire civilised world to hold free and fair referendum in Jammu and Kashmir.”Instead of solving the issues amicably and on the table, India wants to use its military might and this attitude is increasing the instability and political uncertainty in the entire sub-continent day by day,” he said.

Quoting Sharif, the spokesman said, Pakistan is the center of hope for whole Muslim ummah and particularly to the Kashmiri Muslims and to meet these hopes we want economic development, social justice and lasting peace for this country so that it will play the role of a strong and important Muslim state.