Pakistan’s poultry sector investments are expected to gain momentum as China is looking to enter the local market by injecting an estimated Rs50 billion worth of investment in the coming years, said Pakistan Poultry Association (PPA) Chairman Mustafa Kamal.

While addressing a press conference on Monday, Kamal said that chicken meat was the best option under current circumstances as it was not only rich in nutrition but also qualified as Halal. He said that the upcoming International Poultry Expo (IPEX) 2015 would play a landmark role for the poultry industry as it could attract local as well as foreign investments in this sector.

“In PPA’s largest three-day Expo IPEX 2015, thousands of people and companies associated with the poultry industry are participating from 12 countries,” said Kamal. “This is evidence of the growing interest in the poultry sector.

“The government’s decision to ban the slaughter of female animals is a positive initiative, however, to fill the gap between the demand and supply, poultry is the best option. The government should also take proper care of the industry that has 40% share of the meat market.”

International Poultry Expo 2015 chief organiser Abdul Haye Mehta said that the poultry industry was being run in a traditional way, but now the situation had changed and the industry was rapidly following international standards.

“It caters to the interest of all – from a common man to scientists,” said Mehta. “The expo will be a milestone for the poultry industry.”

Mehta said the international standard of daily protein per person is 27 grams, whereas only 17 grams is utilised in Pakistan. To meet this shortage, poultry meat is the best and most economical solution. He foresees poultry production doubling in the next 10 years.