Saif Ali Khan — who caused a major furore in Pakistan with his provocative statements — is now concerned about having become the face of “anti-Pakistan feeling”.

In a recent interview with NDTV, Saif said that he is upset with the response from across the border. “I don’t know if I should say this but I was upset with the action in Pakistan and how upset they’re getting and I seem to have become the face of ‘anti-Pakistan feeling’,” he said.

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“This, I’m a little concerned about. Because my politics is the last thing that should become the question and for sure not against the people of Pakistan, I have absolutely nothing, except goodwill and hope that we manage to fix our problems,” he added.


Director Kabir Khan who was also present at the interview clarified his stance: “When we do something in the film, it does not mean that we want that carried out.”

And Saif agreed, “Isn’t it the function of films and plays to create scenarios which actually didn’t happen. That’s what we studied catharsis is – where you watch it and imagine, what might have happened.”

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“It’s (Phantom) a mission film quite simply. If you take the India and Pakistan element out of it – I didn’t want to say this during the promotion – but it’s actually a very simplistic mission film. The political element has given it some controversial edge,” he added.

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Earlier, Saif’s statement that he doesn’t have faith in Pakistan led to asocial media war of sorts between local celebrities.

It seems that the actor has finally realised his statements were hurtful to Pakistanis.

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