Humans of New York’s Brandon Stanton is not the only one sharing amazing pictures of Pakistan. A travel blogger from Australia, Sophee Southall, recently travelled to Pakistan and uploaded breathtaking pictures of the country on her Facebook page.

“Not only has Pakistan been one of the friendliest countries we’ve visited, it’s also been one of the most beautiful. Exploring the north along the Karakoram Highway has been an absolute treat – I’ll never forget my time in this spectacular country,” Sophee said in a Facebook post.

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From Lahore and Islamabad to the northern areas of Pakistan, Sophee and her husband, Ben Southall, snapped pictures showing a beautiful and positive side of Pakistan.

Sophee couldn’t help but fall in love with Pakistan, saying, “I’ve only been in Pakistan for a week and this unique country has already chipped away at my armour and found its way to my heart. The locals are perhaps the friendliest I’ve met throughout my travels.”

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On August 2, Sophee posted on her page, “Thanks to the warm hospitality of the Motorcyclists Association of Pakistan (a great contact for overland travellers), we’ve enjoyed a wonderful first night Pakistan. This off-the-beaten track country can be a little intimidating for first timers, but we’ve already found the locals to be welcoming and insightful. Last night, our group was treated to a free bed, traditional dinner and meet up with MAP bikers. This morning, we’re being taken on a tour of Lahore. Can’t wait to share lots of pics and a blog soon.”

Further, Sophee said, “The cool crew from the Motorcyclists’ Association of Pakistan have gone above and beyond to help Ben and me, from taking us on guided tours of Lahore and Islamabad to lending us the clothes off their back so we didn’t stand out so much! We’ll never forget the beautiful people we’ve met here – I feel as though I have to come back and see them again one day. For now, it’s time to head towards the Chinese border via the Karakoram Highway – the highest paved road in the world.”

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