In an article titled ‘Why Does Pakistan Accuse Indian Spies of Terrorism’ Mr Michael Kugelman of the Woodrow Wilson Center in Washington DC comes out strongly in support of India’s intelligence agency RAW and blames Pakistan’s military for the whole business of blaming a fresh smelling rose like RAW for foul and rotten deeds. The motivation for Pakistan’s military to do this according to Mr Kugelman is that it wants to shore up its popularity within Pakistan.


The short answer to the question ‘Mr Kugelman asks in the title of his article is that the Indian spies are being accused of doing exactly what they are doing — nothing more and nothing else. They have been doing it for a very long time and periodically had to be reminded that they need to back off whenever they went too far — Pakistan does that effectively. There would be no problems if RAW was brought under control and the Indian mindset towards Pakistan changed. This is not about to happen — not with the ultra nationalists fanatic Hindu backed Modi government in power.

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