“Mama Qadeer is very old man who is seeking justice for innocent missing people along with Banuk Farzana Majeed and his VBMP team”

This is what you will read in all the leading newspapers of Pakistan whenever they write about Mama Qadeer Reki, but who is he actually? Does anybody know his background? Who made him a “Human Rights Activist”?

Mama Qadeer Reki who is seen seeking “justice” for his son and many others on media is not known to many people.

Who is the son of Mama Qadeer Reki?

jalil reki



Also in the following video between 02:05 and 02:25, you will find clips of burning of Ziarat Residency by terrorists, Notice the flag of terrorists in the video, the same flag is used by BRP/BRA.

BRA and BRP both have been really active for last many years in their activities against Pakistan and to break Balochistan from Pakistan. Their recent activity was meeting an Israeli group to gain their support in their activities against Pakistan.


It is interesting that media tries to portray Jalil Reki and Mama Qadeer as innocent while they have talked against Pakistan many times. In the following video you can see Jalil Reki asking the people of Balochistan to take up arms against the state and this is just one example, you can find several such videos on youtube in which Jalil Reki is spewing hatred against Pakistan.
Between 0:20 and 1:05 in the following video, Jalil Reki is talking about how Baloch people should take up arms against the state of Pakistan to separate Balochistan from Pakistan. You can also see the so called “Free Balochistan” flag in the background, the same flag that has been displayed in the image above.

If this is not enough to convince you against Mama Qadeer Reki, Let me post few more pictures of Mama Qadeer who also supports the notion of “Free Balochistan” and creating a justification for it using the notion of “Human Rights Violations”

In this picture, Mama Qadeer along with his female brigade of Voice of Baloch Missing Persons (VBMP) is celebrating the so-called independence of “Free Balochistan”, a day that is marked by every terrorist separatist and secessionist including Balochistan Liberation Army(BLA), Balochistan Liberation Front(BLF), Balochistan Republican Army(BRA) and Lashkar e Balochistan(LEB) every year on 11th August. And Oh look, the same flag of “Free Balochistan” found again?

This is not it, let me post few more pictures for your convenience.

The same separatists BRP/BRA flag everywhere?
Also lets see what Mama Qadeer said about separatists and terrorists, instead of condemning them, Mama Qadeer said that its the right of terrorists to take up arms against the state.
Mama Qadeer was also exposed by Ahmed Quraishi (@AQpk) on his program on Express TV.

Mama Qadeer Reki is already on Exit Control List(ECL) of Pakistan, which means he cannot move out of Pakistan. Only people who are threat to security of the country are put on ECL by Interior Ministry, which means our interior ministry also has a fair idea about his anti-Pakistan activities. Call him a “Human Rights Activist” or a “Justice Seeker”, in reality he is a separatist who is on agenda to separate Balochistan from Pakistan and that makes him a threat to this country’s security and integrity and those media channels, liberals, socialists and human rights champions who are promoting Mama Qadeer are promoting this very agenda.

Although Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF), a terrorist organization led by Dr. Allah Nazar Baloch claimed responsibility of the attack that killed 20 laborers in Turbat, but Mama Qadeer blamed agencies for. Now you can see that what agenda he is working on.