kashmir-mapThe shoe was on the other foot for RSS after it came to light that its mouthpiece, Organiser, in its latest issue, printed a map of South Asia depicting large parts of Jammu and Kashmir as part of Pakistan.

The Sangh has been at the forefront of protests when foreign publications print India maps showing the Gilgit-Baltistan area of Kashmir as part of Pakistan and Aksai Chin as Chinese territory. Organiser was quick to pull out the map from its online edition, but the print edition dated March 15 carries the mutilated Indian map.

“Though inadvertent, it is an unacceptable mistake. Whatever maybe the source, it is unacceptable in Organiser,” editor Prafulla Ketkar told ET. He said the map was sourced from “a Saarc website picking up link from Banglapedia”. He assured a correction will be issued in the next issue of the magazine.

The map appeared as part of an article, ‘Reintegrating Saarc’ authored by a research associate working with right-wing thinktank India Foundation. Rights activist John Dayal, who posted a snapshot of the map on Facebook, questioned how a map with incorrect boundaries was permitted to be carried in the magazine.

“For lesser offences, members of the Sangh have been acting like censorship police. For people like me, who read the Organiser every week, this was a shocker. We don’t expect this from the magazine. They should apologise in their next issue.”