Sardar Inderbeer Singh of the Internationally Disputed Areas of Jammu and Kashmir (IDA:JK) wrote on his Timeline of Facebook: “Saka nankana Saheb de shaheedaan nu yaad kardey hoiee saari [fb] sangat ikk vaar zarur likho ji < dhan gursikh shaheed>” wrote that the Sikhs must write about the Genocide of Nankana Sahib carried out by a Sadh Narainoo. Indeed, Sardar Inderbeer Singh’s suggestion is worth considering and remembering that the Nankana Sahib’s genocide carried out by a Sadh Narainoo had been a heinous crime committed against the “Humanity of Mankind.” This genocide of Sikhs took the lives of more than 125 innocent Guru-de-Sikhs, including infants, children, youth, male and female folks, elderlies, etc.

It is far more important to remember, too, the Genocide of Sikhs, commonly known as the “Jaito-da-Sakka;” the place which is about 20-mile from the Bhatinda Junction, PUNJAB alias the “robbed” PUNJAB of 15th August, 1947. Why is it important for the Sikhs to remember the “Genocide of Sikhs alias Jaito-da-Sakka?

It is important to remember the Nankana Sahib Genocide of Sikhs, along with the Genocide of Sikhs in the era of 15th August, 1947, in which the toll of the Sikhsor their lives lost had been 3.2 to 3.4 million or 32-lac to 34-lac. That is one million is equal to 10-lac for those who do not know what does a ‘lac’ word mean? Besides, there had been genocide of Sikhs in Amritsar in 1978 or the “Nirankari Kaand;” along with an ‘undeclared’ war waged on the Sikh Nation alias the PUNJAB of 15th August, 1947. This ‘undeclared’ war had been carried out by the Brahmins-Hindus-Turbaned Brahmins-Baniya of the alleged Indian demo[n]cracy in the name of a brutal military “Operation Bluestar” of June, 1984. It was done to exterminate the Sikhs and citizens of PUNJAB of 15th August, 1947. Also, one of the prime reasons was to destroy the Darbar Sahib Complex, Amritsar, which includes the Supreme Institution of Sikh Polity, The Akal Takht Sahib and the soul of the Sikhs. Cabinet Minister Rajnath Sinh, a colleague of a criminal, murderer and the organizer of “Genocide of Muslims of Gujarat, 2002-2003 (while Chief Minister of Gujarat named Narendra Damodar Modi), presently the Chief, Council of Ministers, the New Delhi administration (NDA), has confirmed that the “Operation Bluestar” of June, 1984 was indeed the “Genocide of Sikhs’. Further, genocide of Sikhs was carried out by the NDA administration in October-November, 1984 by the alleged Indian demo[n]cracy. It is also necessary to remember that the present Chief Minister Hanera Sinh Badal, his colleagues of Akali Dal, and a non-Akali Amarinder of Patiala had the prior knowledge that an “Undeclared” war on the PUNJAB of 15th August, 1947 was going to be waged.

The Sikhs have to remember that in the “Genocide of Jaito”, the forefathers (father Raghuraj Singh and grandfather Ranjit Singh) of Hanera/Prakash Sinh Badal sided with the British rulers. They both had been instrumental to kill the Sikhs in jathas going to “Jaito” to participate in themorcha/demonstration. The members of the jathas/teams were not given any water and food (Langar) while passing through the village Badal. Hanera Sinh Badal’s father, grandfather and their bootlickers/Chaplianchutt poisoned the well-waters and the langar (food). So, following the consumption of the poisoned water and food, the Sikhs died by poisoning; thus they had been prevented to reach”Jaito” town, on Bhatinda-Ferozepore segment of the Northern Railways (Open Letter To Jathedars from Shromani Khalsa Panchayat. <>, pp 18. Charanjit Singh Khalsa 98146-61984).

It should be noted that anti-Guru Khalsa Panth activities of Hanera Sinh Badal, his clan and colleagues have been continuing since the Jaito-Morcha. Members of Guru Khalsa Panth should excommunicate entire Badal (Hanera Sinh Badal’s near and dears) from the Guru Khalsa Panth.

Problem here is who is to issue the excommunication orders/Hukamnama(e) to Hanera Sinh Badal and joe-boys and joe-girls, when the jathedars wandering in The Darbar Sahib Complex, Amritsar, are his “sycophants”? Well, nothing is impossible and static in this world. The day is not that far when anti-Guru Khalsa Panth forces have to be accountable and to be punished by the Guru Khalsa Panth.