414An initial investigative report of Peshawar School Attack has been released by Peshawar Police and Anti Terrorism squad which says that 11 terrorists attacked at Army Public School, and four out of these managed to escape.

According to the reports, seven terrorists stormed in APS building where as rest of the four managed to escape as they remained outside school boundaries.

These attackers reportedly entered Peshawar from Landi Kotal the morning of the attack and arrived at 3am in the Bihar Colony area of the city.

Detailing how the attack unfolded, the report stated that the attackers entered the school campus around 10:15am while the first explosion took place at 10:30am.

The report further said that the attackers arrived in two groups, one of which used a Suzuki van belonging to the school. Both groups are believed to have entered the school at the same time.

Two of these attackers were from Afghanistan, the report added.

Sources reported that significant development in this case has been seen and even the support channel of these terrorists has been identified, but cannot be disclosed all to the media.