Ms. Afsha Ahmed

Ms Afsha Ahmad“How can this Nation fail with such brave mothers and sisters.Heart touching and inspirational story. May Allah shower His Countless Blessings on this sisters and the ones for whom she laid her life and was burnt by barbarians”
Another pupil told how he watched his female teacher being burned alive as she courageously stood in the path of the terrorists and told her children to run for their lives.

Afsha Ahmed, 24, confronted the marauding gunmen when they burst into her classroom and told them: ‘You can only kill my students over my dead body.’

The militants doused her with petrol and set her alight, but she still mustered the strength to beckon her pupils to flee.
One of her students, 15-year-old Irfan Ullah, wept as he recalled her incredible bravery.

He said: ‘She was a hero, so brave. She jumped up and stood between us and the terrorists before they could target us.
‘She warned them: ‘You can only kill them over my dead body’. I remember her last words – she said: ‘I won’t see my students lying in blood on the floor’.

Ms. Tahira Qazi

Ms Tahira QaziThe ever gorgeous.. The ever brave.. My school time principal.. Mam Tahira Qazi.

The bravest women I know. She refused to leave the school despite being provided a safe way out. She chose to stay in with the students and eventually embraced Shahadat (Martyrdom).

Thank you ma’m you and all those brave teachers are the reason why thousands of people attentively listen to us today.

May Allah (swt) grant her the highest status in jannat (heavan). And give her closed ones patience.

For Pakistan