India’s new leadership is continuously posing threats to the security of Pakistan. Modi’s engineering to convert existing posture into new offensive posture which no doubt has the capacity to bring instability in the whole region. By adoption of this posture Modi is trying to get hegemonic status for India in the region which is not actually productive approach but it’s an unproductive and destructive one, which will definitely bring instability in the whole region.

India is a nuclear weapon state and the state which is at front to India is Pakistan which is also a nuclear state in this manner both states have to behave maturely and diplomatically. Whereas, the other side of the story is that India’s new ruling party is not aware with the fact that nuclear escalation may bring catastrophe to the whole region. Pakistan’s leadership as compared to India is more literate about nuclear escalation and its consequences whereas India’s leadership is very much illiterate about the sensitivity of such matters.

United States is continuously demanding cooperation in terms of military assistance to curb ISIS without keeping the fact in mind that Pakistan is only state which is deeply involved in war against terrorism. On the other side India is continuously doing violations at LOC. Neither United States nor international community is taking these violations of India seriously. Whereas, this is fact that the risk of nuclear escalation is absolutely higher between such nuclear states when especially they are in hostile relations with each other. Rather than cooling down the heat which the relations between two states are getting international community is looking busy in advocating its own interests whereas it’s the interest of whole globe but at this very time international community is looking indifferent. Now it is hour of need at this time international community should raise its voice against India to stop the violations at LOC which in result will bring stability in whole region.

Now it has become the habit of India to always blame the Pakistan for any terrorist attack at Indian soil without having any concrete evidence. Whereas, this fact cannot be overruled that Indian intelligence agencies are working in Baluchistan as well as in Afghanistan along with Pakistan border. The instability, which we are facing in daily routine and the atmosphere of terror which is prevailing in Baluchistan, is actually funded by Indian establishment agents of RAW are actively operating in Baluchistan. There are number of evidences which Pakistan has already has given at number of table talks to India that their involvement at Pakistani soil is making the task of elimination of terrorists impossible.

But international community as well as India are not taking all these things seriously and unfortunately are by themselves not leaving any other option for Pakistan to secure itself by using nuclear weapon. Pakistan is and was of the view that nuclear weapon is a political weapon and its sole purpose is to just deter the aggression of potential enemy. But changing behavior and shifting strategic environment and especially individualistic approach of Modi and its engineering to convert the posture into aggressive may bring the whole region at the verge of nuclear war.

Modi’s temperament is not suitable for the health of South Asia; a leader especially a leader of nuclear state should not have such kind of temperament as well as sentiments. Modi’s track record shows that how much he is filled with odium for Muslims especially for Pakistanis. Radicalization from every single word as well as action of Modi is obvious. Modi along with his party is trying to write the destruction in the fate of the people of South Asia, which should not be done at any cost. The behavior as well as aggressive style, which Modi is showing may be impressive for the radical Hindu community of India but it, would not be proven fruitful for the fate of South Asia.

In South Asia there are two major nuclear rivals which are going through the period of mini cold war possibly they may also come at the position where they have to go for nuclear war, which not only would be the destructive for only the South Asia but also for the whole globe because it would be some sort of inauguration of nuclear war at the planet earth. So whole this thing should not be taken lightly, international community should jump into the situation and with hard hand should stop the Modi to open the venture of nuclear war in the resourceful and minerals enriched South Asian region.

United States should play a positive role and also to prioritize that what should be resolved at urgent basis, in this situation rather than making a mouse a mountain that ISIS is a eminent threat no doubt ISIS is eminent threat for the peace of whole globe but as compared to the situation which is going on between India and Pakistan there should be a priority for United States in the capacity of global leader to cool down the tensions between India and Pakistan on priority basis. International community should also be mindful of the fact that to ensure the peace of whole globe it is necessary to ensure peace in South Asian region.