By Aik Awaz – One Voice

“Qu’ils mangent de la brioche” a phrase often associated to Marie Antoinette. Though Marie Antoinette may or may not have said this, this phrase and how it was supposedly used does represent our political and non-political elite. Honorable ex-Senator Rehman Malik, who very recently was forced off a PIA flight by the passenger(s) for keeping them stranded in the plane for hours, has made a comment about the ongoing PTI protests which actually reminded me of Marie Antoinette and this infamous phrase. Mr Rehman Malik has asked Imran Khan to call off the protest before Eid so people taking part in the protests can go home and celebrate Eid.

“Celebrate Eid” hmmm… Does Mr Rehman Malik know why the people are protesting? If he does then seriously we have Marie Antoinette reincarnate here amongst us. If he doesn’t than we have a classic Pakistani politician who has nothing to do with the common people! Neither of these are of course forgivable sins.

Eid for people belonging to the middle class (lower and upper) in Pakistan has become a time of the year that they fear and definitely do not look forward to (apart from its religious importance). LIke any socio-religious event, Eid ul Adha is a day that when people are expected to buy a healthy animal, show it around the neighborhood and then sacrifice it on the Eid day to distribute its meat amongst the poor, friends and relatives. So whats the problem here? The problem is that the cost of living has almost crossed the means of almost all middle class people who rely on salaries, small businesses or their professional expertise. Come Eid and prices of everything edible and wearable quadruple (if not more). A sacrificial animal starts costing more than its buyer (and seller). Mr Rehman Malik and hundreds of other naive political leaders have failed to understand that the protests being led PTI and PAT have only continued for this long (almost fifty days now [30th of September 2014]) because the government has completely failed to address the grievances being faced by the masses. People are not there because Imran Khan is holding them hostage there or using black magic to keep them glued to his jalsas (protests). He is simply showing the world what is happening in Pakistan, he is educating the masses about their rights and how they can fight back. He is exposing mega scale corruption by the so called political leaders. He is showing the people why they are suffering and how they can change their and their children’s destiny.

What is there to celebrate? Hunger, illiteracy, injustice, intolerance, extremism, violence, corruption? Is that what we will be celebrating on this Eid? Our political leaders have no idea how far and how hard they have pushed the people and the strange thing is that these buffoons still don’t realize their mistakes and errors of their ways. These so called politically “mature” (pronounced manure) leaders think that Imran Khan is crazy and those who are following him are “burger crowd”. Well guess what our beloathed leaders of the ‘80s & ‘90s you are in for a shock… Times have changed! You have witnessed the new Pakistan in PTI’s Karachi and Lahore jalsas. You can pretend that #NayaPakistan and #Azaadi are just online social media fads that will fade away but deep inside all of you corrupt politicians know that people of Pakistan have spoken. Our PM Nawaz Sharif’s statement to the media in US that only a “few handful trouble makers” are involved in damaging the image of the government shows how pathetically ill-informed and delusional he has become due to his greed for power and wealth.

But people of Pakistan are taking back their country and their rights. They have started challenging the states oppressive and corrupt governance practices. People are standing up against unequal treatment and VIP culture. People are demanding justice. People want peace and progress… they want an end to extremism and violence.

Those who thought that Pakistan Army or Intelligence agencies were involved in this movement have been proven wrong. The only support that this movement has received from the military is that the military has distanced itself from this political crisis and warned the government not to use force against the people of Pakistan. Army continues to perform its duties of protecting the country from internal and external threats and uprooting terrorist networks. It continues to help the people affected by the natural disasters. May be that is why people of Pakistan love their Armed Forces so much and may be this is the reason why these corrupt politicians fear their own army so much. One is for the people and the other is against the people.

Coming back to Rehman Malik, the brave man Mr Arjumand Hussain who scolded and ultimately offloaded the ex-Senator had to pay a price, he was fired from his job at Gerry’s Group due to political pressure. The DJ who manages sound and music at PTI rallies was arrested without any charges. The government which has been charged with murders of eighteen unarmed people (including women), failed to protect minorities and failed to provide any relief to the masses is now under severe pressure. PML-N leadership is now panicking and doing one stupid thing after another. Badly exposed and fractured, PML-N and its PPP allies are now reaching their point of extinction. Its evolution of democracy and natural selection at work. #NayaPakistan and #Azaadi is the new mantra of all honest and hard working Pakistanis. #GoNawazGo