I sent this open letter to Chairman Imran Khan

Salam Imran Khan

imran-khanYou are a son of Pakistan in whose achievements the nation takes pride. You have raised the head high for the nation not only by winning a world cup but also establishing one of the best cancer hospitals in the country. When profit seekers are establishing universities in big cities, you have offered an opportunity to rural Punjab kids to gain higher education of international quality at Namal University Mianwali. Just when everyone cast you out in the political arena, you converted PTI into the second largest political party of the country getting mandate from over 7 million Pakistani citizens. These citizens believed in your call for change and to transform Pakistan into a progressive nation.

Your persistence and perseverance in exemplary to fight for the right of the poor and down trodden. To establish the rule of law in the country which treats everyone equally without any regard to their color, race and religion has been one of the prime move of your movement for justice. Your efforts to fight for their rights are recognized and appreciated by the nation. You have already won the heart of the nation and established an unbreakable bond of love and affection.

Your speeches are filled with examples from the life of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and one of the wisest man in Muslim history Hazarat Ali (RATA). I would like to quote one example each from the lives these two honorable men that demonstrate that flexibility in decision making is important to further the larger cause of community.

At the time of signing of Sulah Hudaybiyyah the negotiator from the Mecca objected to recognize Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) as a Prophet. Companions of the Prophet argued that this is a non-negotiable point. But Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) intervened and asked the scribe to strike it out of the draft of the agreement.

At the battle of Siffin between the forces of Khalifa Hazarat Ali (RATA) and governor of Syria Muawiyah who refused to pledge his allegiance to the Khalifa. The forces of the Khalifa were winning the battle when the governor petitioned for peace negotiations. Many of the commanders of Khalifa Hazrat Ali (RATA) felt that the rebellion must be crushed completely. But Hazarat Ali (RATA) vetoed all those voices and refused to spill any further blood of Muslims.

A leader sometimes have to make tough choices for the greater good of the community. Your long march objectives are already achieved. The parliamentarians in the joint session of the parliament has reprimanded the government for their dictatorial attitude to govern and their indifference towards the sufferings of the people. They have told the government that the demands of PTI are justified to introduce electoral reforms and conduct judicial reforms to identify irregularities in the last election. You are already a winner and the nation is eagerly waiting for you to come to the parliament and make a speech to outline your future vision for the nation.

I hope you will ponder over this letter and make a decision that takes this country further.

May God bless this nation and enable its leaders to make wise decisions.

Thanks & regards

Abdul Quayyum Khan Kundi