Area 14/8

eid in gazaAs Muslims mark the end of yet another Ramadan, one which has brought with it heightened tragedies across many regions; Eid has commenced with what seems like burdened grief; even though many have released photos of the Gazans celebrating Eid amidst the crushing invasion. With this inhuman invasion in Gaza, the on-going carnage in Syria, the helplessness of the IDP’s in Pakistan, the sectarian violence again, in Pakistan, the injustices against the Rohingya Muslims, the brutality of the hundreds imprisoned in Egypt and not to forget the latest fiasco of flights going missing or crashing; one after the other and many more grave incidents occurring in the world over a daily basis, the general public on social media websites such as twitter and facebook have been quick to pick sides of which tragedy to support over the other. Not only have people been active in voicing their opinion on which massacre or critical incident they’d rather openly speak against, but have pertained to criticizing the ones that are condemning the inhuman’ness of humans altogether.

Sat in a region such as Pakistan which has been a region in turmoil since almost a decade now, one may observe that the population in general has either become immune to the problems at hand with its security, economic and political situation deteriorating by- what it seems like-the minute or only pays heed to the seriousness of the situation when a few (very few) people mobilize support with another tragedy taking place. The open massacre in Gaza, which isn’t the first in its history, dominates the headlines on a daily basis on every news channel of the world, once again-like many times before- highlighting the sufferings of the Palestinians since 60+ years now. A news channel, social media outlet or an online newspaper, itself does not do so to place one tragedy over another, or the fact that it has all of a sudden become heartless towards the increasing violence in Pakistan or Syria, but it does so to re-channelize ‘humanization’-a phenomenon which looks terribly weak at the moment- amongst people who could somehow make a difference. Now this difference in reality, unfortunately may not be made on a political level as per say, but on a humanitarian level in general. Voicing opinions and the activism that is generated through it should be iterated in a professional manner acknowledging tragedies worldwide on a human level.

A human life IS a human life, simply put whether it is in Pakistan amongst sectarian clashes over breaching of the blasphemy laws or whether it is the 1,700 Syrians that have been killed in one week- the bloodiest of blood baths it’s seen since the uprising in 2011. We speak of equality to be spread, justice to be carried out, inhuman activities of authoritarian world powers, the incompetency of the United Nations etc, but the actual question if dug deep is whether we are creating the divide- we so highly condemn-ourselves?

So here it is; it is human, no wait Human, to acknowledge worldwide tragedies simultaneously if one wants to humanize the society we speak so cruelly of.

Area 14/8