KOHAT: Of the 30 victims of the attack in Taftan on Sunday, 21 were moved to Kohat and Orakzai Agency for burial on Tuesday morning.

Shah Raza, a local Shia elder from Kohat said that the victims’ remains, including women and children, reached Bacha Khan International Airport on Monday evening at 8:30 pm and were shifted to Lady Reading Hospital.

Due to the security situation, the government permitted the bodies to be shifted for burial only in the morning. The 30 pilgrims were en route to Iran when they were targeted by suicide bombers.

Raza said the remains of nine victims await transportation. The bodies, including six children, were buried in Usterzai main graveyard and in the Metha Khel, Sher Kot, Ali Zai and Ali Sher Zai areas of Kohat and Orakzai, amidst strict security arrangements.

Those at the funeral demanded that the bodies of nine remaining victims, also from the same area, be found and returned to their families. The community will observe three days of mourning for the victims of the attack.

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