By Corrupt Keeray – Newsvine

The autocratic elected Prime Minister of Bangladesh has decreed that BanglaDeshi citizens will not wave the flag of any nationality except Bangladesh at sports events. This Quixotic gag flag order comes after the largely Bangladeshi crowd was seen waving Pakistan flags at the T20 cricket match when the Pakistani team was playing. Why this venom and animosity at the highest level when there seems to be goodwill among the citizens of both the countries. The only rational explanation for this irrational order is some kind of personal rage in the leadership that wants revenge. This is unfortunate.

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This also ties in to the long standing feud between the two female leaders in Bangladesh. One lost her father to violence from her own countrymen and the other lost her husband also to enraged Bengalis. Under the current Prime Minister the horrors of 1971 are being revisited in the form of ‘war crimes’ trials followed by executions as well as the most poisonous propaganda against Pakistan. Ignoring the latent undercurrent of violence and religiosity that exists in Bangladesh the present government is launched on the path of promoting secularism that can be a fig leaf at best for the reality of religion that permeates life on the street. The execution of an aged Bangladesh Islamic scholar and leader after a quick trial underscores this policy. No doubt Al Qaeda is watching and waiting for the right time to strike.

Ridiculous figures like thirty million killed by Pakistan military action in 1971 and lurid tales of atrocities only serve to bring back horrible memories that inflame people. Perhaps that is the agenda. In Pakistan this negative and false propaganda reminds them of the terrible unmentionable acts of extreme violence committed on the West Pakistanis in former East Pakistan before the Pakistan Army retaliated. The Army that retaliated was seething with anger, thirsting for revenge and yearning to avenge lost honor. Even then the figures quoted by reliable researchers range between 50000 to 100000 lives lost. Pakistanis who were there remember that the Indian trained and launched Mukhti Bahini forces and Indian Army soldiers donned Pakistan Army uniforms for nightly rapes, killings and mutilations to inflame the population against Pakistan. This use of ethnic Bengalis to forge the Mukhti Bahini was the first such event in the bitter India-Pakistan history. This act by India led to the rise of militancy that operated across the Line of Control in Kashmir and elsewhere and is now a part of the terrorist menus for violence. And lest we forget India did the same with the Tamils in Sri Lanka. So the design for such militancy was patented by India with Bengalis being used as fodder.

No one who suffered imprisonment in India after the Indian manipulated secession of Bangladesh can forget the humiliation and mistreatment heaped on them by their captors. So the vile propaganda from Bangladesh is not serving anybody’s cause. It is inflaming populations and taking all three countries back in time instead of forwards towards peace and harmony. The Bangladesh government needs to rethink its policies before expediency for short term gains leads them into internal turmoil and the kind of international attention they got when hundreds workers working in sub human conditions were burnt alive.