460 innocent people have been killed in terrorist attacks across the country since the government held an all-parties conference (APC) on September 10 last year to mull ways and means to end bloodshed in the country, a security official told on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak to media on security issues.


“The dead include 308 civilians, 114 military personnel and 38 policemen,” the official said. He said that some 1,264 people were injured in the terrorist attacks by Taliban in the same period. “The injured include 684 civilians, 531 military personnel and 49 policemen,” he added. A total of 70 people have been killed since the reconciliation effort was launched on January 29. Government mediators suspended negotiations on Monday just weeks after they were announced following weekend claims by a Taliban faction that it killed 23 FC soldiers kidnapped in year 2010.

TTP fighters opened fire at an army car and killed a senior officer. An attempt by representatives of both sides to meet and talk peace collapsed a day earlier after insurgents said they executed 23 soldiers in revenge for army operations in the volatile tribal regions on the Afghan border. “(The) exchange of fire continues,” the army’s press wing said in a statement, adding the attack took place near Peshawar.

The army identified the killed senior officer as Major Jehanzeb and said three militants were also killed. A Peshawar Taliban official confirmed the attack but there was no word from the movement’s main spokesman. “Militants attacked the convoy of a security official in Peshawar and killed one army major,” said the official. The Taliban’s demands include the nationwide imposition of sharia, an end to US drone strikes and the withdrawal of the army from northwestern tribal regions – conditions unlikely to be met.